Working Caregiver Survey

To address the growing needs of employees who also have family caregiving responsibilities (providing care for a family member or friend with an illness or disability), the Nebraska Lifespan Respite Network offers a Working Caregiver Survey. This anonymous, no-cost, web-based survey helps employers and their employees understand the scope and needs of working caregivers as they strive to create healthy and supportive workplaces. If you are an employer, human resource professional, and/or Employee Assistance Program who would like to conduct the survey in your workplace, please complete the registration form.

Balancing work and family caregiving responsibilities is extremely common, and can be stressful. Approximately 43.5 million Americans are providing care to a family member with an illness or disability, and nearly 60% of them (approximately 26 million adults) also work a paying job. Not only do employed caregivers experience high levels of stress, their dual roles also have career and work-related impacts. For example, more than one in three employed caregivers report making workplace accommodations such as using flex time, reducing work hours, or quitting work entirely. Without adequate support, both working caregivers and their employers suffer. The magnitude of missed work from the employer’s standpoint translates into an estimated loss of more than 126 million workdays each year, and the equivalent of $25.2 billion in lost productivity.Family photo

The good news is that employers have the opportunity to provide support and resources for their caregiving employees, potentially increasing employee retention and productivity, decreasing absenteeism (and presenteeism), and increasing employees’ overall well-being. The Working Caregiver Survey is employers’ first step in this process, aiming to help employers understand the prevalence and needs of their employees who have caregiving responsibilities, and providing a framework for responding to those needs.

To learn more about surveying your workforce about their caregiving needs with the Working Caregiver Survey, please fill out the registration form. We will get back to you within ten working days.